Site Rubix Review

Name: Site Rubix


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: FREE ( Join Here)

Rating: 97/100

Site Rubix is a brand new development in the website building industry. It is the result of an investment of over $100,000.00 and a year of work. The developers, Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate are known the world over for their many successes and this will be another in that long line.

Site Rubix is unlike any of the website building methods on the market today. With it you can build a professional website in minutes and you do not need to learn or master any other programs. Site Rubix is a complete one item turnkey way to easily build your website.

Your need for those many other programs like Photo Shop, Dreamweaver, Snag-It, HTML editors and many more are eliminated. This is a new and revolutionary way to build websites and so easy anyone can do it. No more excuses for anyone not to have their very own website. You know that a website is a necessity to deliver your message in the cheapest way possible but until now it has been a real complicated chore. The Site Rubix Website Builder and it’s developers have solved that problem for you. This is reported to be something that will completely change everyone’s thinking on website building in days to come.

Creating websites has never been this easy before now. This is a way to build websites that everyone will want to use and it is so simple that very young children can do it. You can build quality pages with graphics, videos and all the bells and whistles and do it many times over. If you are one of those who has been putting off building your own website because you knew it needed to be a clean, professional looking site to be effective, and you were afraid it would be just too expensive it is time to revise your thinking. Site Rubix to the rescue. Now anyone can build professional websites in minutes.

Why is Site Rubix one of the best programs for website editing software?

The main reason is its functionality. This program uses drag-and-drop editing, which saves time compared to traditional HTML programming. All you have to do is drag and drop one of the pre-formatted siteRubix banners and one of seven different layout templates, and create a working web page in minutes.

Want to add images and video to your website? 

These are also very easy to do with this website editing software because using the drag and drop formatting along with it’s Microsoft like formatting bar, video and images can be added instantly and placed anywhere you would like on your web page.

One of the biggest problems with this is not just creating a fully functioning website but successfully uploading it to your web hosting.  This software allows easy FTP loading of your site to your web host.  It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!  Need a web hosting provider?  This is included with Site Rubix.

Site Rubix is the best online website builder to work on your website from anywhere, at home, at work or even on the go! Site Rubix is not only an online creative program, it is also the safest and easiest to use. You can create one-page or multiple-page sites and start in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop format. Drag-and-drop formatting reduces the time you spend on a long HTML.

What are other features of Site Rubix online site creation program?

The characteristics are:

•             16 pre-formatted and ready-to-use templates

•             25 banners to choose

•             7 layout templates (just drag and drop on the spot)

             Just 1 … 2 … 3 … Add a video and a photo

             Easy access to folders to store videos, images and screenshots

             Easy FTP transfer to your web hosting service

             12 tutorials and tutorials on creating profitable websites

All of these features make this program one of the best on the Internet!  No more hassling with HTML code or having to wait until you get home to work on your sites.

All of these features will increase your productivity while being able to access your website from any computer, anywhere!  You will never have to wait until you get back home or to your computer to make changes to or create a new website.

Benefits of SiteRubix

The following are some of the necessary benefits of SiteRubix:

•             Short learning curve.

It doesn’t take long to figure it out, and they include tutorials for it (in the “resources” section). No knowledge of ANY code is required.

•             Professional looking design.

They include templates and it all is very quickly put together, with a clean, crisp look to the sites.

•             Included graphics.

They have some banners you can use, and more to be included. If you don’t like their choice in graphics, you can upload your own.

•             CLEAN interface.

It has separate sections for each component of the page. You can view a demo of what it looks like before you finalize your project. If you have some window pop up to make edits to the page with, if you drag it, it turns translucent so you can see your page underneath it to know what to change. It’s well thought out and very well put together.


Time is money in any business. Stop wasting your time and make more money by using Site Rubix the best website editor to create your websites quickly and easily and give you more time to do other things in life!

Give it a try.


Thank You So Much For Your Precious Time.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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